Chapel Theatre Co. Play Festival

Plays will be released online to audiences March 5-7, 2021. More information on viewing the festival coming soon.

This play festival will showcase local writers and their short plays by matching them up with directors and actors to carry out their work. Playwrights will submit their short plays to be considered while local directors and actors audition to take part in the festival. Chapel Theatre Co will connect the plays with actors and directors and allow two weeks to rehearse before presenting the finished product.

How it will be presented: We will pre-record each play and release four plays each night for three nights. Audiences and a panel of judges will be given a week to watch each play at which point they can vote on a multitude of preferences. The winner of the audience choice award will receive an opportunity to perform for new audiences and open for a CTC season production. The judges will also choose a writer, director, and actors to be a part of a play development during the following theatre season.

A small stipend will be provided to all participants.

Applications now closed

One Comment Add yours

  1. Nancy Moss says:

    I would like to submit a short play.


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