Chapel Theatre Co. Play Festival

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Video by playwright Kal Giaritta as part of this year’s play festival.

This play festival showcased local writers and their short plays by matching them up with directors and actors to carry out their work. Playwrights submitted their short plays to be considered while local directors and actors auditioned to take part in the festival. Chapel Theatre Co connected the plays with actors and directors and allowed two weeks to rehearse before presenting the finished product.

2021 Chapel Theatre Co. Play Festival Award Recipients

Best Writer

Lolly Ward, Tale of the User Agreement

Best Director

Erin Shannon, Alien In America

Best Actor

Joseph Bertot, Detained

Best Play

Tale of the User Agreement, Written by Lolly Ward, directed by Blake Stone, and performed by Libby Cozza, Heath Hyun Houghton, and Blake Stone



A woman blithely scrolls through her phone at New Year’s, 2020. Then she is assaulted by the headlines of the year. First she is crushed. Then she begins to transform.

Written by Eve Bernfeld

Directed by Sofia Molina

Actors: Lauren Scher, Troy Sawyer

Alien In America

This is a hopeful, humorous, and sincere snapshot into a life in quarantine, but with a twist. Earth is dying, and our human ancestors have travelled from a galaxy far away to save us. However, only one space pod has made it to earth and its inhabitant is trapped. They need to decide whether they can trust the humans on this planet enough to make their whereabouts known.

Written by Kali Giaritta

Music by Kali Giaritta, Matt Harmon, and Veliko

Directed by Erin Shannon

Actors: Meghan Daaboul, Melissa Sondergeld-Hood, Zed Jones

Best Friends

A ventriloquist is performing in a run-down empty theatre. He and his best friend have been on the road. Relationship is somewhat tense.

Written by Jim Ambrosek

Directed by Justin Fisher

Actors: Dug Martell, Tyler Wright, Annie Rimmer-Weeks


Paulo, a Hispanic immigrant with asylum status and a comedian, is pulled off a bus in Spokane, WA by a Border and Customs Enforcement agent. While the agent checks his status, the men pass the time telling jokes.

Written by Nancy Moss

Directed by Christy Drogosch

Actors: Cameron Lee Price, Joseph Bertot


Day of atmospheric alert in 22nd century. A granddad reminisces to granddaughter about good old days when sky was blue in the day and black at night.

Written by Charles Deemer

Directed by Dug Martell

Actors: Damon Millican, Holland Havarah Elizabeth Hauskins, Stephanie Crowley

Husband Material

A woman tries to put together a romantic interest for her daughter.

Written by John C. Davenport

Directed by Steve Coker

Actors: Gerie Voss, Illya deTorres, Katie Lundi

Maya Blue

Two diplomats meet to negotiate a way out of a tense international situation as they rehash historical sleights in this slice of colonialism’s modern day effects.

Written by Heath Hyun Houghton

Directed by Emilie Landmann

Actors: Christy Drogosch, Yessenia López

Shine Strong the Moon

Lonely Patty, one of the last ones still breathing in an assisted living home, reminiscences with the spirit of her dear friend and soulmate. Amidst their usual sardonic interplay they leave us feeling that if we just look up at the moon, they will be sharing it with us.

Written by Kathleen Tomko

Directed by Aiyana Cunningham

Actors: Laura Handke, Marychris Mass

Social Media Challenge

A superhero team has entrusted their social media brand to Radiata, whose idea of boosting their profile involves filming and posting dangerous stunts. Radiata’s displeased supervisor is Starlight, who doesn’t have any social media savvy, but tries to impress some measure of responsibility onto Radiata. This is a cross-generational story about adapting with the times, balancing old values with new techniques, and passing the torch in a mindful way.

Written by William Thomas Berk

Directed by Andy Barrett

Actors: Katie Mortemore, Michele Tredger

Tale of the User Agreement

Once upon a time, a woman got a delivery that changed her life. The moral: You better read the fine print.

Written by Lolly Ward

Directed by Blake Stone

Actors: Heath Hyun Houghton, Libby Cozza

Transmit Now

Mel works for the highest of hi-tech companies, the Internationally Intrusive Data Corporation. They send him out to a wilderness property they own in order to get the “squatters” off their land. But once there, Mel discovers the “squatters” have every right to be just where they are. And he finds out that a totally unexpected transformation awaits him.

Written by Peter Armetta

Directed by Steven Koeppen

Actors: Ian Leiner, Paul Bright

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