Main Theatre Space Rental

The upstairs, main theatre space, is available to rent for events, performances, rehearsals, classes, and more. Please see the theatre specs page for more details on the size and equipment available. The main floor has an ADA restroom on the first floor. The main theatre space is ADA accessible. The stage and the downstairs of the building are not ADA accessible.

Capacity seated is 99, standing is 200. 

*Note: The below prices are BASE prices and may include additional costs depending on the details of your show, event, etc.

Pricing For Events & Performances

  • $90/hour, or
  • $1100/week (up to 40 hours, and if your set up allows for other activities to happen in the theatre when you’re not using it), or
  • $1800/week (up to 65 hours of usage per week, and if your set up prevents other activities to occur when you’re not using it)
  • For all rentals: $50 service charge for each performance

What You Get:

  • Seating set up for up to 99 people
  • 1 hour consult with our lighting/sound technician to review lighting grid and how to use the system
  • Lighting equipment (see theatre specs for full list)
  • Sound system and sound equipment
  • Bar service (beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, light snacks) 
  • A few tables for backstage or for food, merch, other items 
  • Green room and downstairs small studio


  • Projector: $50/weekend
  • We can set your lighting grid and light cues for you for $30/hour
  • We can also run your lighting and sound for your event for $30/hour
  • Reconfiguring of stage or seating for $30/hour
  • Manage ticket sales and run box office for $100

Pricing For Meetings, Workshops, Classes*

  • $40/hour

What You Get:

  • We will work with you to set the room up according to your needs
  • Up to 4 tables to use for food, materials, etc
  • Lighting in addition to house lights (lighting as is; if you need a special configuration, see add-ons below)
  • Sound system
  • Up to 99 chairs that we will set for you


  • Projector: $50
  • Special lighting set up: $25/hour set up
  • We can run lights for you if needed for $25/hour
  • You may bring your own catering for no fee
  • Downstairs studio and green room: $20-$25/hour
  • Bar service: $50 flat fee for up to 4 hours
  • Added into our online ticketing system; fee TBD

Pricing For Rehearsals*

  • $20/hour for rehearsals 

What You Get:

  • Sound system
  • Use of the theatre as is (there may be a set on stage or risers taking up part of the room)


  • Lighting in addition to the house lights: $15
  • Special room configuration: $30/ hour set up

*Note: This is an active arts space; if you are renting the upstairs but not downstairs, or vice versa, there may be an activity happening in the other spaces in the building at the same time.

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  1. circletheatreproject says:


    Circle Theatre Project plans to produce the one woman play RED HOT PATRIOT featuring Meg Chamberlain in the role of inimitable Molly Ivins during the run up to the mid term elections, three weekends in October (Oct 11 thru 28, 2018).

    Is Milagro available?


    Patty Price-Yates
    Producing Director
    Circle Theatre Project

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. circletheatreproject says:

    I MEAN…Is Chapel Theatre available?


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