Chapel Theatre

Home to local theater and dance performances, art classes, your events, and so much more.

At Chapel Theatre, we believe that Black Lives Matter. We offer free space to folks doing any community organizing around BLM; please reach out if you are interested in using our theatre. 

Ever-changing Covid note:

The last couple years have been exhausting for all of us. Venues have taken a pretty big hit, as you know. We have been grateful that we have found the means to keep our building and to continue to offer arts to the community when we can. We realize with the Omicron variant that people are retreating back home again, but unless we’re instructed otherwise, we will remain open as long as we can. We need the arts, we need community, and quite frankly, we need the money in order to stay open. We will continue to offer online content when we can until we no longer need to. Until then, please engage with Chapel Theatre as you can. We appreciate you all.