About Us

Chapel Theatre owners Corinn deWaard, Illya Torres-Garner, and JR Holland stumbled upon an old church on SE Harrison Street in Milwaukie in the summer of 2016. They walked in, looked around, and thought, “Yes.” Corinn, a dance company owner, Illya, an actor and general contractor, and JR, a pizza company owner, put their heads together to create the coolest new arts space in Milwaukie. Once renovations are complete in February, Chapel Theatre will host ongoing events and classes, and will be available to rent for plays, dance performances, and other community events.

Combined, Corinn, Illya and JR have over three decades in Portland and its accompanying arts and culture scene, and recognize that the integrity and individuality that has made Portland an international touchstone is not exclusive to within its city limits. Corinn, Illya and JR are committed to fostering the arts in Milwaukie both through the connections they’ve made in Portland and in the community they now call home: Chapel Theatre, opening February 2018. Pizza, beer, and wine will be available at all events.


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