About Us

Hey! We are Chapel Theatre. Corinn and Illya deTorres opened this space in February 2018 after renovating the old church space into its current form. Chapel Theatre has been home to TriptheDark Dance Company, Chapel Theatre Co, plus so many other dance and theatre companies since opening our doors. We are thrilled to see artists’ visions come together in our space and cherish the relationships and collaborations that have evolved. We provide space for your events, plays, dance performances, rehearsals, and private events.

Combined, Corinn and Illya over three decades in Portland and its accompanying arts and culture scene, and recognize that the integrity and individuality that has made Portland an international touchstone is not exclusive to within its city limits. Corinn and Illya are committed to fostering the arts in Milwaukie both through the connections they’ve made in Portland and in the community they now call home.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Leah says:

    Great atmosphere.


  2. Julie Stefan says:

    A little late for this year but check out my etsy site. would love to do this if you have it next year or any other art events.


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