What the heck is Chapel Theatre all about?!

  1. Is Chapel Theatre a theatre company? Not primarily, but we do have one. Since we opened, Chapel Theatre Co has had a few different iterations… Covid had a big impact and we are reimagining what it is we do as a company. You can visit the company page here to keep up on what we have going on.
  2. Is Chapel Theatre religious? Nope. We are named Chapel Theatre because the building is an old chapel, in fact it was used as a church from when it was built in the 1930s through 2016 when we purchased the building. The church that was occupying the space at that time was closing and they really liked our vision for the community and sold it to us. So we thought we’d keep that history as part of the name, but we are in no way religious or affiliated.
  3. What happens in the theatre space at Chapel Theatre? LOTS! Since we are not a production company full time, we mostly rent our theatre space out to other folks who produce their own work. In reality, that means a combo of the following: Plays, dance performances, stand up comedy, improv comedy, private events, live music, film screenings, weddings, and more!
  4. What happens in the Annex? The Annex space is home to classes and rehearsals. We teach our own classes (youth acting classes and adult dance classes) and we also rent the space to other groups that teach their own classes and hold their own rehearsals. You can rent the space yourself if you would like to teach a class or need rehearsal space!
  5. What is Chapel Recording? Chapel Recording is a recording studio run by Brian Crabaugh and Barry Brusseau. They teach private lessons, can record your band, and you can also rent the space to record a podcast or use as practice space.
  6. What’s with these art studios? We have 5 rentable spaces for artists to use as art spaces. There are two at the annex and three in the basement of the main theatre.
  7. Can I rent space at Chapel Theatre? Yes! You can rent for classes, rehearsals, shows, events.
  8. Where do I park? We have a small parking lot. You can find parking on Harrison, but we also have permission to use the parking lot across the street from GracePointe Church on 42nd.

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