Theatre Specs

Chapel Theatre is a converted church with a versatile performance area. With moveable chairs and risers, directors may set up the stage in multiple configurations that our lighting grid can accommodate. The actual stage area is 18’x8.5′ with up and down stage entrances to the wings. The floor area, which can be used for seating or a mix of seating and stage, is 32’x32′.

Seating capacity is up to 99 depending on seating layout. The space comes equipped with stage lighting, 4 speakers, additional monitors, 2 wireless mics, stage curtains for backdrops and wings. Lighting includes standard theater set up, strobes, and gels (see below for details).

ADA Accessibility: The first floor of the theater is completely ADA accessible with one restroom, a ramp to the front door, and ability to see the stage from various vantage points. The stage, green room, rehearsal room, and tech booth are NOT ADA accessible.

See our rentals page for details about cost and what is included.

Light board: ETC Express 24/48

  • 8 × 4-channel dimmers
  • 29 working channels
  • 12 x 8” 500w fresnels
  • 8 x 500w Par64 mfl
  • 8 x 500w par64 wfl
  • 12 x 575w 36° Altman ellipsoidal
  • 5 x 575w 26° Altman ellipsoidal
  • 3 x 575w 50° Altman ellipsoidal
  • 2 x 575w 20° Altman Shakespeare
  • 2 x 575w 30° Altman Shakespeare
  • 2 strobe lights

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