In the Gallery

On August 3, we hosted three musicians and their artwork in theatre. Their work is now displayed in the gallery through the end of September. Next time you come to an event, check out the work of: Larry Yes Sean Croghan Cotton

Artist Studios

We are building out artist studio spaces in the main theatre building and the Annex. If you are interested in renting small studio spaces, please reach out.


We accept Arts for All ticket prices June 2022 June 9: Telltale June 11: Bridge City Improv June 17-19, 24-26: Wish Heart Dance Production June 22: Holiday Horror Fest: Summer Shorts July 2022 July 2-3: A Little Bit Off: A Grave Mistake July 11-15: Chapel Theatre Camp July 15: Porchfest: TimeRift and Vierra’s Gold July 18-29:…