Dominic Anaya

Art Opening: Dominic Anaya Sunday, October 20 5:00-7:00pm Free! Dominic Anaya is a self-taught artist living in Portland, Oregon with his wife, three ferrets, three chickens and three goats. He works primarily in acrylic paints and watercolor marker. His paintings are characterized by vivid color and a pointalistic style, often described as visionary in nature….

Milwauking Dead Halloween Party

Milwauking Dead Halloween Party! Thursday, October 31 7:00-10:00pm Save the date for Chapel Theatre’s first Halloween party. This event is geared towards adults, but kids are permitted. What to expect: DJ Cesar Morales Costume contest Performances Games Pizza and beer! Made in Milwaukie is having a kids focused Milwauking Dead party at their store the…

In the Gallery

On August 3, we hosted three musicians and their artwork in theatre. Their work is now displayed in the gallery through the end of September. Next time you come to an event, check out the work of: Larry Yes Sean Croghan Cotton

Art Gallery

Chapel Theatre exhibits art in the cafe year round. Each artist shows their work for two months, beginning with an opening event. If you are interested in showing your art, please contact us!


August 2019 August 15: Telltale August 16: Music Open Mic August 22-September 8: Hamlet September 2019 August 22-September 8: Hamlet September 12: Telltale September 13: Dungeons & Drag Fundraiser September 19-October 6: Plate o’ Shrimp: A Repoman Parody September 29: Dance Wire Trivia Night Fundraiser October 2019 October 10: Telltale October 17-27: Chapel Theatre Collective:…