6:30pm – 9:00pm: Film Class with Mad Truth Studios

Classes are run in real time with hands-on teaching, including students assisting with all aspects of the production, to give a fully immersive network television studio experience. And actors can see firsthand how their performance translates onto the screen, offering the opportunity to fine tune and perfect their on-camera skills in a supporting and friendly environment. Mad Truth will teach you the fundamentals of being a working actor in the film industry, giving you the platform where your creativity and talent can be unhindered and appreciated.

  • $15
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6:30pm – 8:30pm: Screenwriting: Ideation, Story & Structure with Steve Coker: CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

Where do ideas come from?  Learn some techniques and exercises designed to help cultivate new ideas and help you to break through creative barriers and get you writing. What are the elements of a good story? Learn about the three-act format of storytelling; beginning, middle and end!

What does a properly formatted screenplay look like? What are the functions of each of the elements of a screenplay? Discover how to ensure your script will be read and not just tossed away because of improper formatting.

  • $10
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