9:00am – 10:00am: Kids Mask Theatre Workshop with Kaician Kitko

Learn the basics of using a mask in performance. How to bring a mask to life and communicate effectively without need of language. Will also cover the basics of theatrical physicality. Ages 7-11, but if your kids have an interest and are outside of this age-range, let us know and we will see if we can accommodate.

  • $10
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10:15am – 11:45am: Penny’s Puppet Productions

We are ready to have fun with songs and dancing puppets with our special guest Mother Goose, Oh No! Mother Goose hit her head and can’t remember who she is. Help the puppets sing and dance and chase Mother Goose back to her old self. Fun for all ages.

  • $5 for adults and kids over 1 year old
  • Kids under 1 are FREE
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12:00pm – 1:00pm: Tap Jam

Tap Jam with TriptheDark tap instructors Stephanie Seaman (TriptheDark Director) & Ted VanWhy. All levels of tappers are encouraged to take part in this event; get out of your head and have fun making sounds with your feet!

  • $5
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1:00pm – 2:30pm: Beyoncé Dance Fitness Class with Taylor McDougall

This class is perfect for a beginner dancer or someone who just wants to move to Beyoncé but has no dance background. It’s a fun fitness class with a dance focus and a real emphasis on Beyoncé and her magic.

  • $10
  • Sold out!

2:30pm – 4:00pm: Fosse Dance Class with Erin Shannon

One of the most influential men in jazz dance history, Bob Fosse created a unique dance style that is practiced in dance studios throughout the world. His amazing choreography continues to live on through several great Broadway musicals such as CabaretDamn Yankees and Chicago.  Join TriptheDark dancer, Erin Shannon, as we break down some of Fosse’s signature moves, then combine them to learn a piece of Bob Fosse’s original choreography.  The Fosse style is easy to learn, but challenging to master, so this class will be accessible and exciting for beginning and experienced dancers alike!

  • $10
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7:30pm – 9:00pm: One-Act Performances of Chapel Theatre Company and TriptheDark Dance Company