Play Festival Playbill

Welcome to the Chapel Theatre Play Festival 2023

This play festival is about building community; it offers an opportunity for playwrights to get their work in front of an audience, for folks who are interested in trying out their hand at directing, or for actors who are seeking more visibility. It’s also for more seasoned writers, directors, and actors, as well; it’s an opportunity for all of these folks to work together. 

When we first produced this festival in 2021, it was all virtual and felt like a completely different product. We are so thrilled to finally start this festival on stage in front of an audience and are completely blown away by the talent and effort every person has put into this festival. We will continue to learn and grow from this experience and hope to produce this festival annually.

Festival Directors: Illya and Corinn deTorres
Lighting Designer: Dug Martell
Stage Manager: Amanda Healy

Friday, Jan 27 & Saturday, Feb 4

Written by Nancy Campbell
Directed by Tim Giugni
Dog: Diana LoVerso
Cat: Lawrence Vergun 
Owner: Nancy Campbell

Written by William Thomas Berk
Directed by Jeffrey Puukka
Mitchell: Dan Sweet
Valerie: Erin Jackson

Two White Ladies in an Airport Talk About Race
Written by Brianna Barrett
Directed by Max Tapogna
Miriam (cashier): Anna Sass
Sandra (customer): Elise McBradford


The Card
Written by Valerie Asbell
Directed by Drew Dannhorn
Logan: Rhona Klein
Harper: Laura Handke
Quinn: Pam Quinlan

Stark Naked
Written by Rich Rubin
Directed by Paul Bright
Paul Bright
Tyler Wright

Saturday, Jan 28 & Friday, Feb 3

Elevator Therapy
Written by Nancy Moss
Directed by Victoria Spelman
Sound design and VoiceOver: Aurora C Gooch
Kalin Honaker
Elizabeth Rees

Under the Lake
Written by Ryan Skinner
Directed by William Thomas Berk
Sam: Brent McMorris
Margaret: Kaitlyn McConnell

The F-Word
Written by Rhona Klein
Directed by Sophina Flores
Ally: Michaela Blanton
Jeremy: Dylan Hankins
Old Woman: Rhona Klein


Written by Lily Tholfsen
Directed by Dug Martell
Seven (Robot) Zed E. Jones (They/Them)
Jen: Virginia Thayer

Al Pals
Written by Allison Fradkin
Directed by Illya deTorres
Choreographed by Illya deTorres
Jeanette: Madeline Botsford
Phyllis: Amber Steele
Weird Al: Dan Sweet

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