Winter Break Camps & Workshops

Performance Camp; 7-11 year olds: REGISTRATION CLOSED

December 19-23, 2022
Performance on Dec 23 at noon

Spend your winter break putting on a show! You will have one quick week to learn all you need to know to put on a production at the end of the week for your families and friends. Everything from learning a character to learning lines to stage direction to props and more! Interested in behind the scenes work? We have an opportunity for that, as well. Note, however, that if you would like to sign up for the tech and production (behind the scenes, directing, stage managing, lighting, etc) side of the show, there is a different sign up for that. 

Camp will go from Monday – Thursday 10am-3pm, with a show on Friday at noon. Friday camp will still start at 10am, and you will leave with your families after the show.

Beginners are welcome! As well as students with more experience. We will find space for you all.

Production Camp; 7-18 year olds: REGISTRATION CLOSED

December 19-23, 2022
Performance on Dec 23 at noon
(Note: this camp happens alongside the performance camp)

Interested in theater but not necessarily interested in being on stage? We have a really great opportunity for you! Spend your winter break learning the behind the scenes magic of the theater. You can choose between directing, stage managing, lighting, sound, props and costumes, and more. These roles are integral parts of making a production happen without the stage fright. 

This camp will run alongside the performance camp, which means the dates and times are the same. At times, you will be working directly with the actors, and at other times, you will be learning more in detail about your role and what is expected of you throughout the production. 

Monday – Thursday, camp runs 10am-3pm. Friday there is a noon performance for friends and families; start time will still be 10am and you will leave after the performance ends. 

6-Hour Play Festival; 7-11 year olds REGISTRATION CLOSED

December 29, 2022
(Note: You can sign up for one day or two days- each day will be a completely different show so it works well for a one day activity as well as a two day option.)

This take on the “24 hour play festival” will be a shortened, youth driven “festival.” The students will create, workshop, and perform an entire play in one day. Amanda Healy will lead the students through some exercises in the morning that will help inform and create a show. Students will then work together the rest of the day to learn their characters, work on their blocking, and perform their play at the end of the day to their families. 

The camp will run from 10am-4pm with a performance at 4:00 for families and friends. 

No experience necessary!

Intro to Theater Tech; 7-18 year olds

December 27, 2022

Chapel Theatre’s in-house lighting designer and technician, Dug Martell, will teach this workshop for youth about all things tech. Students will learn about lighting design, lighting fixtures, hanging, circuiting, focusing lights, plus sound design, running a light and sound board, and will have an opportunity to try out their new skills. 

This is a one-off workshop and does not need to be paired with any other class, workshop, or camp. This is a great workshop for students interested in theater tech but who have not had experience in this area. 

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