Plate O’Shrimp: A Repo Man Parody

Dug Martell brings us the return of Plate O’Shrimp, a Repo Man Punk Rock Musical Parody. This show was a big success back in 2019; if you missed it, now is your chance!

Join us for a live fully staged punk rock musical adaptation of the 1984 cult classic film Repo Man. The soundtrack is legendary. Our live punk band plays the entire soundtrack except for one song. We make up for that song by adding several other punk songs from the era. 

Come on out, grab a beer, and join us for a fun time!

It’s all part of the collective cosmic unconscious!

Shows Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays at 7:30, Sunday matinees at 2pm
Opens October 21 and runs through November 6

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