Double Feature

Chapel Theatre Co Presents: Double Feature

This show has closed, but you can still purchase a discounted ticket to see the recorded version of the plays! Click below.


Written and Directed by Christy Drogosch

In Abandonado a new play by Christy Drogosch, we follow one woman’s journey through the pain of abandonment, discovery of a new reality, abandoning her old story to begin again with a deeper understanding of herself, her life and that we are never alone on our journey. Told in both Spanish and English, with a unique blend of comedy and tragedy, and punctuated by music and movement, this exciting new work will have you see that the angels are watching…and sometimes closer than we know. 

Heavens Resources

Written and Directed by Jonathan Hernandez

When you’re feeling down and you have no one to turn to, wouldn’t you want an angel from heaven to come help you get back on your feet? Well that’s what Angel from H.R. wants but according to the good book in heaven there is a due process that can’t be overlooked. In Jonathan Hernandez’ one act, Heaven Resources, Angel must find a way to restore hope to people who’ve abandoned their faith, or risk disrupting the natural law making him question faith all together.  

Double Feature Crew

Artistic Director: Illya deTorres
Theatre Director: Corinn deTorres
Stage Manager: Yasmin Wigfall
Lighting Designer: Dug Martell
Sound Designer: Christy Drogosch
Costume Designer and Prop Master: Amber Black
Set Construction: Illya deTorres

Double Feature Cast

Yolanda Porter
Jonathan Hernandez
Joseph Perez Bertot
Enrique Andrade

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