Chapel Theatre Audio Plays

Since our first show was unable to take place in person, we have moved to an audio play concept. This fall, we are producing an audio series from October 30- December 18. Each Friday, a new episode of the audio series will be released to subscribers. These short plays and scenes are written by Ellen Margolis and produced by Illya deTorres and Diana Schultz. Sound design and engineering by Benjamin CleekThe actors are: Maria Mogavero, Ellen Margolis, Chad Dickerson, Beth Thompson, Diana Schultz, and Illya deTorres.

Episodes 1 and 2 will be free and available to all. The last 6 episodes will be a part of a series called The Side Hustle of Agnes Addington and will be available to those who subscribe to the series.

Week 1

The first episode in our audio play series below includes a One Act performed by Illya DeTorres and Diana Schultz about the day one of the characters files for divorce.

The second piece is a monologue called Harry In Wisconsin featuring Chad Dickerson. Enjoy!

Week 2

Beans Talk

One Act featuring Diana Schultz, Illya deTorres, and Beth Thompson. When Laura embarks on a food stamp challenge, her partner Dani tries to be supportive, while their neighbor Jess reacts with surprising hostility.


Monologue featuring Maria Mogavero. Obsessive baseball fandom meets “The Frog Prince.”

Subscription Series: The Side Hustle of Agnes Addington

Agnes is on a mission, tripping through time to pick up a certain something. It’s worth a lot of money, but that may not be what she’s after. Risking life, limb, and her relationship, she visits times long forgotten times not yet imagined, and Oregon. What the hell is she up to?

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What You Can Do Now

We are looking for sponsors for this series! You can purchase a sponsorship here. We appreciate your support!

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