Chapel Theatre Audio Plays

Since our first show was unable to take place in person, we have moved to an audio play concept. This fall, we are producing an audio series from October 30- December 18. Each Friday, a new episode of the audio series will be released to subscribers. These short plays and scenes are written by Ellen Margolis and produced by Illya deTorres and Diana Schultz. A core group of actors have been selected, with more actors coming on board through the process. The actors already selected are: Maria Mogavero, Andrea White, Chad Dickerson, Diana Schultz, and Illya deTorres.

More details on this to come.

What you can do now

We are looking for sponsors for this series! We have some options of different sponsorship levels that you can see below. We appreciate your support!

Levels Audio ad or thank you during podcast Website logo or listed as donor on podcast page Newsletter ad or thank you Social media ad or thank you 99E recognition
$1,000.00 Title x x x x x
$500.00 Gold x x x x
$250.00 Silver x x x
$100.00 Friend x x

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