Milwaukie Porchfest

We are participating in the Milwaukie Porchfest!

The 2020 Milwaukie Porchfest will take place for one hour every Friday, from August 21 to September 11 from 7-8:00pm. On those Fridays, we will host a musician, improv group, or dancers, depending on the night. You can walk or bike around your neighborhood to enjoy the sounds and stop by Chapel along the way. 

Social distancing is important! DO NOT: form crowds, encroach on private property, or stand within six feet of others.

Our parking lot will be available for people to hang out and watch, plus we’ll be selling drinks if you need a beverage stop along the way.

August 21: Time Rift: High voltage rock from Portland and Milwaukie. Band members: Levi Cambell, Justin Kaye, and Terrica Jennings.

August 28: Bridge City Improv: Run by veteran Portland improvisors Beau and Lisa Brousseau, Bridge City Improv has performed a handful of times at Chapel Theatre and they are returning to participate in Porchfest!

September 4: Blues/Soul Band called F.O.M.O.

September 11 POSTPONED DUE TO SMOKE: Three singer/songwriters: Illya deTorres, Barry Brusseau, Chitra Subrahmanyam

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