(im)material world: Dan Bernard & Beth Lorio

An exploration of world building, ethereality, solidity, and shifting perceptions, (im)material world brings the everyday around us into a space of curiosity and question.

Dan Bernard’s experimental photography literally splinters images captured from breathing reality and reconfigure them into something that shifts, shimmers and invites playful participation.

Beth Lorio’s paintings at first glance give a sense of abstraction or remove from the material world, but are created as tangible environments…construction rather than deconstruction.

Working from very different starting points, these photos and paintings arrive at a similar place: the mutable quality of the world we inhabit, physically and otherwise.


Beth Lorio

Beth Lorio is a lifelong interdisciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon. Wether painting, making videos or creating performance art, she finds her juiciest creative edge at the intersection of meditation practice and creative practice. Which basically means that she likes to try to remember to slow down and breathe!

Influences on Beth’s creative practice are myriad: art and craft from traditional cultures around the world, silent film and world cinema, the writings of Ursula K. Le Guin, the Willamette River, growing up in an artistic household. In turn her creations have spanned a variety of mediums: original site specific theater, ritual making, painting, postmodern contemplative dance, and most recently video making and animation.

In 2019, Beth launched her Community Supported Art Practice (CSA) – a subscription based exchange intended to share the harvest of her art making while creating community. Subscription levels and more information can be found at bethclorio.com. Instagram: @beth_lorio.

Dan Bernard

A self-taught and aspiring fine art photographer since 1982, Dan’s earliest influences were Cartier- Bresson’s street photographs, the landscapes of Ansel Adams, and the more abstract work of Andre Kertesz.

Inspired by these and other masters, Dan has spent the intervening years exploring the natural grandeur of Oregon and Utah, as well as the streets of France and Japan, building a body of black and white photographs that evoke exhilaration and wonder.

Having shown his earlier work in numerous Portland cafes and restaurants since the mid-80s, Dan’s emergence truly began when he was juried into the Portland Saturday Market in 2017. That same year he took part in several group shows, and was also awarded an Honorable Mention in The Lakewood Arts Festival in Lake Oswego. Last winter he was also invited to join The Alberta Street Gallery collective, in northeast Portland.

Juried Exhibitions

  • 2019 Two-Person Show: “A Journey Out and In,” Pearl Gallery and Framing, Portland, Oregon
  • 2019 Group Show: “RAICES Benefit,” One Grand Gallery, Portland, Oregon
  • 2018 Group Show: “Poetics of Light,” Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon
  • 2018 Invitation to join The Alberta Street Gallery, Portland, Oregon
  • 2017 Group Show: “Art Comes Alive,” 2017, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 2017 Group Show: “SmArt Phone Art,” Parkland Fine Art Gallery, Kirkland, Washington
  • 2017 The Lakewood Arts Festival: Honorable Mention, Lake Oswego, Oregon
  • 2017 The Portland Saturday Market, Portland, Oregon

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