Call for Choreographers

Call for Choreographers/Performers

Who is Chapel Theatre/What is the Project?

Chapel Theatre is a performance venue just over the Portland border in Milwaukie. We host a variety of performances throughout our season including music, theater, and dance. From January through April 2020, Chapel Theatre is partnering with the City of Milwaukie to host the second annual Winter Performance Series. These performances will include a variety of performance styles in an effort to engage Milwaukie audiences with various art forms in a warm and community-centered environment. We are looking for choreographers for the 4th event during which choreographers will work with a local Sommelier to pair a performance piece with a glass of wine. 

The event will begin with a choreographer describing their artistic process and their artistic choices for their piece. Our Sommelier will then describe the wine she chose to pair with the piece, why it relates to the artistic expression of the dancers, and how the audience might experience the taste in relation to the art. The audience will enjoy their glass of wine during the performance and repeat the same process 3 more times.

What We’re Looking For:

We are seeking 4 choreographers who are interested in showing their work to new audiences in Milwaukie and the greater Portland area. We are seeking 4 pieces in a variety of styles that will be paired with wine so audiences may connect the work they see with the taste they consume. 

The piece may involve as many dancers as you choose. The pay is the same regardless of the amount of people involved in your piece. You will be expected to describe your work to the audience as outlined above, as well as provide a description of your piece to the Sommelier so he may choose a wine to pair with your work. 


Each choreographer will receive $250 for this performance.


    • January 31: Applications due for choreographers
    • February 15: Choreographers notified 

How to apply:

Email a description of your piece to including:

  • Anticipated length of piece
  • Style of dance
  • A description of the piece and the concept
  • Music or accompaniment information

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