Bridge City Improv

The Jade Decanter

As part of our Winter Performance Series, Bridge City Improv presents The Jade Decanter, a wholly improvised comedy based on the most classic themes of noir storytelling—set in the gritty dark underworld of crime and intrigue from the 1940s. Come find out (along with the cast) who dies and which shady character did it. This show, directed by Nathaniel Hadley, has been featured in the Fertile Ground Festival for the past five years.

  • Sunday, February 16
  • 5:00pm
  • $10 Tickets here

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  1. Jason Rambo says:

    HI! What ages are appropriate for the content of these shows? We have a Grandpa & a 5th grader we like to get out to live stuff when the content is reasonable. We like to avoid racy content with them in tow (=


    1. Lisa of Bridge City Improv here. Our shows tend to be PG-13. In line with the 1940s noir motif, there will probably be some scotch drinking, cigarette smoking, and a murder, but nothing too graphic or profane.


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