Dominic Anaya

Art Opening: Dominic Anaya

Dominic Anaya is a self-taught artist living in Portland, Oregon with his wife, three ferrets, three chickens and three goats. He works primarily in acrylic paints and watercolor marker. His paintings are characterized by vivid color and a pointalistic style, often described as visionary in nature. The layers of colored dots upon colored dots are designed to create a sense of motion and energy in an otherwise static medium.

Artist Statement:

Sometimes words fail. I am a published author and am a proficient public speaker, but, still, sometimes words fail. I was raised on a steady diet of pop culture, sugar and fantastical ideas, and the world is a loud, brash place for me. My art is my attempt to, in the only way I know how, describe my reality to anyone who will listen. No color is vivid enough for me, no composition too busy. My use of dots is a desperate attempt to display the endless motion of existence in a static medium. As quiet as I am, and as modestly I try to live my life, I want my art to scream. To shout in jubilation, in frustration, to be as loud as this life demands. Every exhibition is me sharing a part of myself that, even to those who are closest to me, few will ever see. Thank you for listening.

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