Love is Strong Film Screening

June 13, 5pm
Love is Strong (87 min)
Q&A with Filmmaker Vu Pham (20 min)
The Horizon is a Scar, My Love Mood Reel (7 min)
Love is Strong is a cinematic triptych that explores the apogees of passion; a place where the experience and action of “love” can be perilous, tortured, and maddening.
Part 1 – Where the Flowers Fell
Following the death of her mother, an inexplicably detached actress and her film director husband retreat to a cabin in the Mt. Hood wilderness. Here, their relationship comes unraveled. The nature of their bonds is revealed upon the altar of hidden power struggles and feverish hallucinatory revelations.
Part 2 – Sudden Stars in the Night Zoo
At the end of a sociopathic 48-hour rampage, an emotionally-challenged man is brought tumbling back to reality by his tormented wife.
Part 3 – The True Color of Hunger
Set against the backdrop of a cultish political organization, The True Color of Hunger ponders the clashing values of two individuals brought together by radicalism and torn apart by a mystifying betrayal. It is inspired by the rigorous dialectical conflict of Jean Paul Sartre’s “Dirty Hands” and branches into absurdist projections of the occult. Categorically, a psycho-metaphysical drama, the film tackles ethics, politics, ideology, and “ultimate reality” with the same fervor as its colorful characters.

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