Beyoncé Dance Class

Get Me Bodied is an hour and fifteen minute dance fitness class focusing on cardio and strength set to a 100% Beyoncé playlist. No dance experience is necessary! The first half of class is a well-rounded warm-up with simple dance moves, as well as floor exercises for abs/arms/glutes. The second half is devoted to choreography, both original and some pulled from Beyoncé’s music videos. We will work on one dance for the first 3 weeks, and a different one for the last 3. Wear whatever you can best move and sweat in, tennis shoes or heels are optional (non-skid only please). All 6 classes for $75, or feel free to drop-in to any class for $15.

This class is perfect for any level dancer or someone who just wants to move to Beyoncé but has no dance background. It’s a perfect fitness class with a dance focus and a real emphasis on Beyoncé and her magic.

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