Healing Properties

Kathryn Cellerini Moore


Opening Event:

  • April 15
  • 5:00-7:00pm

Gallery Hours:

  • April 16 & 17
  • 11:00am-3:00pm


Kathryn Cellerini Moore’s artwork was curated into the Month of Performance Art  in Berlin, Germany, the Does Live Art Have to Be Experienced Live? performance art series at SOIL Gallery in Seattle, WA, and the experimental performance event Collective Becoming: Expressions of Love, Freedom and Resistance at the School of the Art Institute in Chicago. Her work has been exhibited in venues including The Art and History Museum in Maitland, FL; Duplex Gallery in Portland, OR; The Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland, OR; The McDonough Museum of Art in Youngstown, OH; Center of Contemporary Art (CoCA) in Seattle, WA; Hunter College Times Square Gallery in NY, NY; and Besse Gallery at Bay College, Escanaba, MI. Moore presented her research at the first Mokuhanga Conference in Kyoto and Awaji, Japan, and was recently an artist-in-residence at Djerassi, PLAYA Summer Lake and TEDxSalem.

Artist Statement:

Artmaking is a series of generative actions that has helped me to work through grief by creating other vessels for it. I funnel the energies from myself onto/into something that simultaneously becomes portraiture and place. My artwork has held the gravity of death, loss, and vulnerability, and with reoccurring health challenges, my body has rigorously reinforced that expressing emotions is critical to wellbeing.

While our life experiences are physically embedded in each of us, we rarely recognize them in others or acknowledge them to ourselves.  A simple “how are you?” is usually answered with some level of pageantry instead of complete honesty. This self-protective inclination is strange to me, because it seems like most human beings want to be heard and understood.

It is that instance–when what we actually think and feel is undermined when we say something different, abbreviated, or untrue–where my artwork intervenes. My art is a pulse check. When I make art I am asking my body to express what it is dealing with through movement, gesture, color, texture, materials and metaphor. My work expresses the feelings and stories we will often hold back because of our desire to situate ourselves within reasonable societal and cultural norms.

Photo credit: Djerassi Artist Residency Program


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