February Art Opening

February Art Opening

  • February 3, 2019
  • 6:00pm

Kami Jeanne, Illustrator

Small moments is a series created with pen, ink, and watercolor.

A minimal color pallet and fine lines work together with dullness and boredom to illustrate the delicate nature of the subjects lives and feelings.

With a strong focus on figure and negative space, this work is passive aggressively angsty and tumblr ready.

Justine Rho, Painter

Moving back to Portland this summer has been a blessing, but it has also been a difficult transition. During this time, I’ve gained knowledge and acceptance of my own mental health in response to the differences from the work and living environment that I left overseas. Gratefully, I’ve returned back to a supportive and loving home which has motivated me to start painting again.

I’m constantly inspired and challenged by the women around me. My current work encompasses my interest in the female form, the therapeutic nature of creativity, and the intent to better my practice by going back to the basics of painting and drawing.

Corbin Becker, Painter

This body of work is a reflection of senses and creating with dualism. Tight to loose execution, intuition and premeditation, arbitrary rules and happy accidents, armed with a charcuterie of styles unabashedly spooning in an attempt at creating a balanced composition.

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