Hip Hop Culture Exhibition: Graffiti Art & Breakdancing

February 10: Hip Hop Culture Exhibition: Graffiti Art & Breakdancing

  • 6:00pm-8:30pm
  • Tickets here

We are partnering with Morpheus Youth Project and Drenchtown Graffiti for a breakdancing battle and graffiti art exhibit. This event will include battle-style breakdancing performances accompanied by DJ K Megahertz and live painting by Amaranta Colindres.

About Morpheus Youth:

Morpheus Youth Project builds healthy communities for young people thru arts and culturally responsive activities. Through Arts and Culture, MYP provides healthy expressive outlets and helps to build identity and self-awareness for youth in underserved communities and in youth correctional facilities.

We focus on three strategic areas, which includes outer East Portland and Gresham, entry level juvenile detention centers such as Multnomah and Marion County Juvenile Detention and at long term facilities like MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. In this way, we position ourselves in key areas along the school to prison pipeline where underserved communities can intersect with positive and healthy MYP activities.

About Drenchtown Graffiti:

Drenchtown Graffiti is a clothing company and production geared toward bringing Graffiti art and the Hip Hop culture to broader audiences in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to display the beauty of our craft and educate the public, Graffiti art is less about vandalism and more about expression of creativity. Drenchtown Graffiti provides a positive outlet for seasoned and up and coming Graffiti artists the opportunity to bring their art from the streets into a gallery setting. It’s our belief Graffiti is a missing genre in the vast Art world and industry and Drenchtown Graffiti is here to do its part in driving this message forward.


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