Tattered & Proud

“Tattered & Proud”

A Showing of Paint & Sculpture by Matt Iverson

Matt’s art will hang in the gallery from October 1 – November 30. Take a look when you attend one of our events this fall.

Artist Statement:

The works in this show were created in my most honest moments. They are my heart and mind, shown through shape and color in the hopes that they can inspire someone, to feel something true. Some of these pieces are dark, and some more buoyant, and some are still finding their place. We humans live in a world of great strife and fear these days, but I also feel a depth of hope and excitement for our potential that is constantly growing. We have battles ahead, but we are strong.

I hope that any who see this show get some big feelings. I want to make you uncomfortable and mystified, and I hope you laugh a little; there are jokes here, too.

Thank you for looking, and even more should you decide to take some art home! I am happy to inscribe/sign work for any buyer, just shoot me an email and we’ll make it happen.

Matt Iverson


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