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  1. I would love to participate in the toddler and the adult beginner classes! How do I sign up?


  2. Ronelle Coburn says:

    Just found your classes on Sat eve! Will come to adult beginner tomorrow AM. Have always wanted to learn to tap dance!


  3. Ronelle Coburn says:

    Took my first class and am in LOVE already! Crazy FUN! Stephanie is an exceptional teacher!


    1. looking for an adult tap class. I tapped as a kid so I know basics but would love to restart. Any openings?


  4. Melissa Abila says:

    Hey there! How do I know if I’m “advanced Beginner’ or “Intermediate” tap? I’ve taken class all through my childhood and then during college and sprinkled into adulthood (currently on a two-year hiatus). I still have trouble with – by “have trouble with” I mean CAN’T DO – single-foot pullbacks, nor wings, really.. But I have a decent tap vocabulary, and I still remember most of the time steps.. NOTE: I may not be able to start this weekend, however, as I will be at the beach. PS My sister is Meg Jarvis! I saw your show and I was really inspired to get back into tap/dance again. It was freaking great. You all did a great job. ❤
    OOH! PPPS That Beyonce class of Taylor's? I have friends who sound pretty interested.. Can you give me info on that, too?? I assumed it was through this company.


  5. Dayna Darcy Schoessler says:

    I want to start the adult beginner class but am unable to attend the first one. Can I join in the second week?


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