Food and drink are available for purchase during events.

Food is provided by Secret Pizza Society.

Pizza $11

Portland style: organic, vegetarian, vegan

The Unruly Child

  • Pesto, cream cheese, oven-roasted tomatoes

Chalupa Batman

  • Chipotle pesto, Papa G’s taco tofu, toasty tomato, chipotle creme sauce, cilantro

El Guapo

  • Chipotle pesto, roasty anaheim chiles, corn, creamCheeze

El Gante

  • Basil chevre, fresh tomato, roasty garlic, fresh basil, sea salt

Brother Wilton

  • Broccoli, roasted garlic, po’fredo, red sauce

Kisson’s Loop

  • Roasted jalapenos, pineapple, sun-dried tomato pesto, creamCheeze

Myagi San

  • Crumbled Papa G’s sesame tofu, red sauce, arugula, topped with a scoop of house-made curry dhal

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